Abandoned Bragadiru Beer Factory In Bucharest, Romania, boredpanda.com

Abandoned Bragadiru Beer Factory In Bucharest, Romania, boredpanda.com

As you step through the metal doors, going down to George Cosbuc boulevard, you can step back in time and imagine how a whole was running there 100 years ago.

The Bragadiru beer factory exists thanks to Dumitru Marinescu Bragadiru’s passion and dedication, built at the end of 19th century, following to conquer an entire continent with his productions. He was a very popular character in his time, a very humble person and someone who valued honesty. Dumitru Marian Bragadiru remained in people’s thoughts as the best Romanian merchant.

This merchant, however, was a “bridge” between economic and architectural development renaissance in the metropolis. There are few people who know that 2 out of 10 ha that he possessed, were assigned to the city hall in order to build the George Cosbuc boulevard. Also, the merchant is responsible for building the first network with telegraph poles in Romania, all for communicating between the beer factory and the Bragadiru’s domain. Bragadiru beer factory was the official provider of the Royal House and the legend says that King Carol I has offered him the position of minister of industry and commerce, but Bragadiru refused to say that he is more useful to his country with his experience and hard working.

Nowadays, the factory is in a continuous stage of degradation and every day it represents a danger for the people that are passing by. Although there was no sign of rehabilitation or a new project, something did stop the possible reconstruction: an unexpected fire. The monument is like a time carrousel: buildings painted in grey and cream-coloured which lets you go inside and going up and down on those abandoned steps over and over again. A never ending game of imagination.

The Bragadiru’s story tells us that they bought 10 ha from The Laptev family, place where the factory construction began in 1883. At that moment, the factory was the third one, after the Erhald Luther’s, built in 1869 and Carol Oppler’s built in 1870. The years that have come, brought the latest generation equipment. Among others, it brought a cinema and various shops and so the production has reached amazing numbers such as 3.126.528 litres, occupying the third place in Europe. The cultural palace was wanted to be a place where you can relax and have a good time, being known after as the Bragadiru Palace.

The World War II, brought a destabilization of Bragadiru’s family inheritance; bombing and insecurity leading many businesses to bankruptcy. After the end of the war, the members of Bragadiru’s family were jailed by the new communist authorities, and on 11th of June 1948, the entire industry has been nationalized. From that moment, the factory was known as the “Rahova” beer factory, as we know it today. Dumitru Bragadiru’s name was erased from everywhere.

It’s a story that needs to be known and we should carry in our hearts with pride. A story that it is about professionals, and prosperity but which today is a ruin.

As you well known, time has not forgiven anyone. Alienation of this monument, the symbol that represents, reminds us that with the loss of the identity of this building in the summer of ’48, we also lost ours. Unfortunately, the finding, however, does not seem to rush.


by Costin Rusu

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