Creative Wizards Team

              The gathering of the wizards first begun with a string of passion and devotion for photography, led by Dragos Stoica and Rusu Dumitru Costinel who believed in a community of visual masters. They rapidly partnered with a man of words, Lungu Cosmin Andrei, and that’s when Creative Wizards was born. The exquisite art of photography is something that Creative Wizards takes value in and vows to share it with the whole world. Since the launch of Creative Wizards, members explored every aspect of contemporary events, leading them to a certain level of knowledge in every domain, from a beautiful wedding, to corporate events, travel  experience or a modeling photoshoot.

Now, the Creative Wizards team is stronger, enlisting new members to their ranks in the name of Catalin Chitu, Alexandru Stoica, Razvan Vasile, adding incredible characters and abilities to the wide spectrum of photographic coverage.

In time of need, Creative Wizards will respond with excellence, rooting for the best outcome in every situation given, offering the most amazing photographic delight for every client.  The Creative Wizards team promises to bring together masters in every aspect of their area, creating a community where your  needs are their priorities.

Dragos Stoica

Dragos Stoica, without any doubt, carries a great deal of passion on he’s shoulders. For the few ones who still do not know him, Dragos is an engineer and works in a successful IT field, paying special attention to photography and all that it offers to the eye. He is always travelling the world searching to capture the best frame. His knowledge of photographic techniques is ravishing, even if he always bets on modesty, will always act for the benefit of the photographic community.

Cosmin Lungu

Lungu Cosmin Andrei, even if not in the service of photography, is one of the creative elements with a gift for words. He enjoys every single project and is always looking to recreate the distinctive character of the client. For him, a photo does not male a thousand words, and citing a good old friend: “Whose words are so cheap?”

Costin Rusu

Rusu Dumitru Costinel, a young man whose ambition knows no limits, he has fallen in love with photography for more than 10 years now, and explored the visual area without sleep. He not only succeeded in accomplishing the purpose, but discovered the objective of a photographic community served with photographic art. He has multiple qualities that recommend him, and never hesitated to emphasize the importance of perseverance, always encouraging the term “Team”.

Razvan Vasile

For Razvan Vasile, photography is a way to explore time, going back in a place or in a special moment. The visual realm has been discovered through an accident, a happy accident he relates. That crucial moment led him to put a bigger price on ‘the journey’ and less on the objective itself. “Photography pushes me to travel more and gives me the opportunity to share a ‘ticket through time and space’”

Catalin Chitu

Catalin Chitu, in his own words, is “an unequivocal perfectionist”, evermore managing to take into account every detail. He has been part of this photographic world since 2007, and now the visual arts are the way he spends his spare time. Also passionate about design, Catalin is often found sketching a logo or retouching a graphics vector, always about his work.